2013: Get Growing

2013 is shaping up to be a promising year for me. I’ve already learned so much about myself that I didn’t know 3 short months ago. My 2013: Get Growing List is coming together very nicely. And I’m pretty sure that this summer is going to be epic for many reasons.

  • My kick-off to summer officially begins on April 27th with the Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival.  It makes me so proud to have such great music right in my own backyard and I can’t wait to show my support for my favorite city and the talent that it holds.

charm city

  • Then I turn the big 3-0 the following day. I haven’t made any plans for this milestone just yet. I’m still coping with the bitterness that I am feeling about it. Not so much because I’m separated, childless, and turning 30, but more so because I threw The X a super awesome 30th birthday two years ago and I wasn’t expecting to have do it again for myself. I thought he would be the one planning the party and demonstrating his love for me. Instead, I am in the process of accepting that this year is about celebrating myself and demonstrating the love I have for the wonderful person that I am. Even if that acceptance includes having to throw my own shindig.
  • May 11th is the Baltimore Color Run which I will be running with my awesome team members and gaggle of best lady friends, Rapid Thigh Movement.
  • The following weekend, my team and I will be doing the same run, but in DC.


  • June 18th I will be seeing The Postal Service, one of my absolute favorite bands!


I’ve never really been to a festival quite like this before. And I’ve decided to go alone. Three days of great music, meeting people, and camping. In a tent. By myself. I have no doubt            that it will prove to be one of the best adventures of my life. I know quite a few people that are going and I will more than likely hang out with all of them, but in the end, this trip    is for me. It’s for me to dance, camp, and have way too much fun. But it’s also about me being alone in a crowd of thousands.

  • At the end of July will come another big adventure for me. I’m flying (on an airplane!!!) all the way to Seattle for my sister-friend’s 30th birthday. It should be known that the reason this is such a big deal for me is because flying is my #1 fear. Fear actually doesn’t even begin to describe it. Flying is a phobia of mine, but I’m ready to shed myself of that. I want to have the whole world at my fingertips, not just places within reasonable driving distance. Come July, this will no longer be an issue. Promise.
  • Pretty much as soon as I get back from Seattle, a few of my lady and I will be seeing the Lumineers in concert. It will be third time that I get to see them; they have a special place in my heart as so many summer 2012 memories were made with the Lumineers playing in the background. They were (and still are) the soundtrack to a very important time in my life. A time wherein so many things were changing at a rate so imperceptible that it’s really only in retrospect that those changes are visible. The Lumineers are my seismic shift.
  • Then to end the summer, I will be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do!

And then it will be over. Then it will be time to start making plans for 2014: The Year of My Baby…but more on that later.


Because I Really Like Kissing Boys

…I’ve updated my “About” page so feel free to check that out. It should hopefully give you a little better of an idea as to what this blog is all about…

So, I suppose we should start by playing a little catch-up. I’d like to give you the short version (that’s still kind of long) on where I’ve been and who what I’ve been doing since my separation became officially official about 4 months ago.

The Cast of Characters (names have been changed to protect the innocent…mostly myself)

Mr. Teacher

The Ginger



The D-Bag

Ron Swanson

I still can’t quite believe it myself that I’ve been out on dates with 6 different guys already. I have really been looking for distractions over the last few months and it would seem that these guys fit the bill. Some of these dates were better than others. One, in particular, was terrible! But it still makes me happy that I finally have a bad first-date story. Every girl should have one of those, right? Now that I’ve informally introduced you to the various men who have been taking up my time, I plan to be back and regale you with stories from our date(s). I intend to present these stories in a series of Acts, beginning with Act 1: Hot For Teacher. Keep an eye out for that in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile, I’m exhausted. I came down with the flu about two weeks ago. It knocked me on my ass for almost a week. I don’t think I have ever been that sick in my life. Obviously, dating had to be put on hold while I recovered but now that I am happy and healthy once again, the business of my life seems to be picking up right back where I left it. In an effort to preserve both that happiness and health, I decided to lock myself in my house and hide from the world this past weekend. I told all of the boys I’m currently talking to that I was going out of town and I rested and relaxed and texted nary a one. Instead, I cleaned, did laundry, arts and crafted, ordered pizza, and drank wine. All alone. And it was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I decided to continue the trend this week because I have so many other things going.

Tonight I plan to grocery shop and paint my nails. Tomorrow night I am going to take myself to the movies. Believe it or not, I have never actually seen a movie all by myself! All that will change tomorrow when I treat myself to Silver Linings Playbook and a giant tub of popcorn. Yet one more thing to check off my 2013: Get Growing List. On Wednesday, my girlfriends and are going to see the Lumineers in D.C. Thursday is a day-o-rest. Friday is the “Save Your Soul” dance party at a local dance hall. Who knows what Saturday will hold. And SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY is the Super Bowl. Go Ravens!!! Whew! I’m exhausted just from having typed all that, hence my self-imposed break-from-dating week. But that is totally OK because I have so many, many other awesome things going on this week–things that make me happier than dating ever could.

To end, I’ll just say WELCOME, LADIES. I’ll hope you’ll stick around and follow me on my adventure! I would love it if you would introduce yourself in the comments–but please remember that I am hoping to stay anonymous here so do not use my real name.

Love, Sexy Sadie