2013: Get Growing

2013 is shaping up to be a promising year for me. I’ve already learned so much about myself that I didn’t know 3 short months ago. My 2013: Get Growing List is coming together very nicely. And I’m pretty sure that this summer is going to be epic for many reasons.

  • My kick-off to summer officially begins on April 27th with the Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival.  It makes me so proud to have such great music right in my own backyard and I can’t wait to show my support for my favorite city and the talent that it holds.

charm city

  • Then I turn the big 3-0 the following day. I haven’t made any plans for this milestone just yet. I’m still coping with the bitterness that I am feeling about it. Not so much because I’m separated, childless, and turning 30, but more so because I threw The X a super awesome 30th birthday two years ago and I wasn’t expecting to have do it again for myself. I thought he would be the one planning the party and demonstrating his love for me. Instead, I am in the process of accepting that this year is about celebrating myself and demonstrating the love I have for the wonderful person that I am. Even if that acceptance includes having to throw my own shindig.
  • May 11th is the Baltimore Color Run which I will be running with my awesome team members and gaggle of best lady friends, Rapid Thigh Movement.
  • The following weekend, my team and I will be doing the same run, but in DC.


  • June 18th I will be seeing The Postal Service, one of my absolute favorite bands!


I’ve never really been to a festival quite like this before. And I’ve decided to go alone. Three days of great music, meeting people, and camping. In a tent. By myself. I have no doubt            that it will prove to be one of the best adventures of my life. I know quite a few people that are going and I will more than likely hang out with all of them, but in the end, this trip    is for me. It’s for me to dance, camp, and have way too much fun. But it’s also about me being alone in a crowd of thousands.

  • At the end of July will come another big adventure for me. I’m flying (on an airplane!!!) all the way to Seattle for my sister-friend’s 30th birthday. It should be known that the reason this is such a big deal for me is because flying is my #1 fear. Fear actually doesn’t even begin to describe it. Flying is a phobia of mine, but I’m ready to shed myself of that. I want to have the whole world at my fingertips, not just places within reasonable driving distance. Come July, this will no longer be an issue. Promise.
  • Pretty much as soon as I get back from Seattle, a few of my lady and I will be seeing the Lumineers in concert. It will be third time that I get to see them; they have a special place in my heart as so many summer 2012 memories were made with the Lumineers playing in the background. They were (and still are) the soundtrack to a very important time in my life. A time wherein so many things were changing at a rate so imperceptible that it’s really only in retrospect that those changes are visible. The Lumineers are my seismic shift.
  • Then to end the summer, I will be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do!

And then it will be over. Then it will be time to start making plans for 2014: The Year of My Baby…but more on that later.


17 thoughts on “2013: Get Growing

  1. First, I love this photo 🙂 It embodies everything you are going through right now perfectly! Second – Can’t wait to hear about the music festival! I went to one back in college and had an epic experience. We’ll leave it at that 😉 Third – flying is such a huge step! My No. 1 advice is a big glass of red wine right before (I don’t care if it is 7 a.m.) and another glass or two while you are on the flight. You do all this while wearing a white shirt. The idea is to distract yourself with the fear of spilling red wine all over your shirt in a plane and looking like a turd. By the time you finish the wine you’ll be nice and relaxed and able to focus on something not related to the fear of flying (like, why the dude next to you smells like gym socks, or why the annoying kid keeps kicking your seat, or how many items in Sky Mall does your grandma or any grandmotherly figure in your life own). And finally – fourth – if I’m not mistaking you are a quick train or bus ride from NYC? If so, you should add “Come visit Belle and her cat herd in her tiny NYC apartment” to your August plans. 🙂 So glad I found your new blog and can follow your adventures! xoxo

    • 1. I love, love this picture!! It encompasses exactly what I am going through now. My plan is to take a picture like this everywhere I go 🙂
      2. Best. Idea. Ever. for the plane ride! Worst case scenario: i spill red wine all over me but don’t care because of the amount of xanax that will be in my bloodstream.
      3. YES!!! NYC in August. Done!

    • Haha, you caught that little tease, huh? There are a lot of variables that I am working on, but as soon as I have a somewhat solid plan then I will you all in. Promise.

  2. Hey, i organised my 30th myself because I knew exactly what i wanted and how it should be done and it was awesome, don’t underestimate that! I think I have an inkling what your 2014 will be… and if I’m right then I totally think you can do it and be awesome as per usual.

  3. Music and running and mud and festivals and aeroplanes. Sounds like a blast to me. This is going to be the most amazing year for you my love, I can feel it in my bones.

  4. Wow your journey this year is going to be awesome!!! I loved my 30th birthday, and so will you. I was single at the time and had the best best time. I made everyone come downtown to this historic hotel and had them dress in black tie…it was so much fun. I know your group of girls most likey have something up their sleeve for your birthday!!!

    Wow I envy you for running. I wish I had that in me. You are so amazing…I have no words.

    The concert sounds like a dream. You are going to meet so many people, and who knows maybe you’ll meet someone and have an awesome connection. I’ve been to coachella many times in the desert and damn is it fun!!! Can’t wait it hear all about it!!!

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