Where My Girls At?

I feel like I got kicked out of a clique. That’s the honest truth. I’ve never been one for sugar-coating.

When I wrote regularly on my previous blog (which I won’t link to because I’m clinging to hope that this one can remain anonymous) I  had a lot of followers. And among those followers, I had lots of commenters. And among those commenters, I had many regular email-ers. But I feel like 95% of you have disappeared on me.

I mean, I get it. It was hard for me when a fellow TTC-er got pregnant. I simply couldn’t relate to her anymore. I still have nothing but love in my heart for each and every dear friend I made along the way. But I get it. I really do. Sometimes people are put in our lives to serve a specific purpose–even if that purpose is support for what we are going through at that time. When one person or the other moves on I like to think that it frees up space in both their heart and life to go on and support someone else. It’s like once big circle, or something. Kumbaya. Or whatever.

But I have to admit that starting from scratch sucks. Trying to find other bloggers in a similar situation to me feels next to impossible. Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of lovely ladies that have already reached out to me and their support (as we get to know one another) means the world. But I miss my ladies. I guess that’s what it comes down to. I miss you. Yes, YOU.

Even if you can’t offer a word of advice or anything positive at all, please just say hi. That’s all I really need. I have experienced so much loss in the last 6 months of my life. The loss of my husband and my baby is insurmountable. But to lose a single one of you ladies who have become my sounding boards, my support system, and some of my dearest friends feels like a weight to heavy to bear on top of everything else.

I miss you.




24 thoughts on “Where My Girls At?

  1. I’m here! I’m here! I just missed the blog post with the link! (Perhaps post another?) I’ve missed your voice and I just got caught up with all your exploits, including Mr. Teacher. Oh, Mr. Teacher. We’ve all had a Mr. Teacher in our past. The hot one that was so into then…well…what…? I can’t wait to hear about your next run-in! Also, super huge props to not incessantly beating down that door.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I am still reading! I am much more of a silent stalker and never comment but I followed you over from your last blog and will continue to do so!

  3. I’m sorry you feel like some of us have abandoned you. Honestly, I haven’t commented because I don’t know what to say, how to offer encouragement. I’m afraid anything I might say will just make things worse so I don’t say anything. But I’m still here. Reading all your posts and hoping against hope that you find your happily-ever-after.

  4. Girl, I’m still reading and following!!!! I love you’re stories!!! I can’t imagine everything you must be feeling after all you went through……but I have to tell you….you are kicking ass..yup you are kicking ass!!! Keep on writing….I see a book in the works here!!

  5. I am here lady!!!!! I have not got around to commenting on any blogs the last day or two. Things got CRAZY! I am here for good my love and I adore hearing about your exploits. promise me you will keep on here, I absolutely do not want to loose you. love and hugs.

  6. Oh sweetie I’m sorry, I’m still here and always here if you needed advice from an infertile turned divorcée turned remarrier 😉 sorry you felt this way I think I can speak for many others when I say it wasn’t intentional. Huge hugs x

  7. I’m following along, but I’m taking a hiatus on writing and commenting regularly. I’m trying to focus more on getting my life together. I’m definitely here, cheering you on and honestly living vicariously through you. I’m taking this break for an undetermined amount of time, but like I said in my last post, it’ll probably be a week….Thinking of you!

  8. I’m here I’m here!!! For some reason when I first got the link I forgot to add it to my google reader. I am so so sorry. I have added it now so I will be catching up and be here to support you lady. Looking forward to catching up on the rest of your posts!!

  9. I was, and am more of a lurker than a commenter, but I’m following along and loving your stories. I just don’t feel like I have much to add, but I’ll try to be a better commenter. 🙂

  10. Still following along as well, though quietly – I have been a bad commenter all around since finding out I was pregnant in October. Not sure why – feeling a little like I don’t have the “right” to participate as loudly any more because I’m approaching actual motherhood (not just here – all IF blogs). But I am here and I love hearing your adventures!

  11. Here! I had to add this new blog to my reader, so I missed these last two posts. I dated for 8 years in LA and became sliiiightly jaded from it all, so I will attempt to give you my honest advice on the twists and turns of it all 🙂

  12. Here! I hadnt added this new blog to my reader so I missed the last two posts. I dated for 8 years in LA so I have lots of advice to give (I will try not to sound to jaded on some topics!) 🙂 Good to see you are getting out and dipping your toes in!

  13. I hope you know that I am here, friend. I think about you a lot, and I love to read your blog simply because I care about you and your life. If you are ever starting to feel lonely, you are ALWAYS welcome to email or call me.

  14. I’m def reading, I’m not going anywhere!! I was a no commenter on the last 2 posts I think? I’m bad! I’m thoroughly entertained reading your blog… honestly, I wish you would post more. You’re talking about the “ginger” and the “actor”, but I haven’t even read about them? Did I miss something? Please don’t get down and write less…we want MORE 😉 I always have you on my mind… XOXO

  15. Bah! I totally feel bad for not finding out about your new blog sooner! I hope you know I thought about you a good many days between then and now….

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